Law Practice Focus Areas

Welcome!  We understand that you are on our website for very important reasons. Resolving employment and insurance related issues can seem daunting, but we understand your challenges, fears, needs and goals.

Our specialty is representing individuals in litigation against and negotiation with large corporations and institutions.

  • Have you been fired from your job and believe it was unfair or discriminatory?  
  • Are you the subject of sexual harassment, or a hostile environment?
  • Are you the brunt of sex-based jokes and behavior in the workplace?
  • Are you subject to race harassment or discrimination?
  • Are comments being made in the workplace about your sex, race, disability, age or another protected classification?
  • If you complained to your company did they or your supervisor retaliate against you?
  • If you left your job voluntarily or involuntarily, do you know what your rights are to the various fringe benefits provided by your employer?  
  • Has an insurance company denied your claim for disability insurance, or for the life insurance on your spouse?
  • Are you preparing to submit a claim for disability benefits or life insurance?

Many of these are time sensitive. You should not delay in getting the information booklets from your employer about your medical insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, pension or 401(k) plans. 

We can help you with each of these processes.